Resolutions. I’m not very good at them. It’s not that I don’t want to make them, or stick to them. I just rarely do.
However, if I’m going to make one New Year’s resolution this year, it’s going to be “to make more resolutions.”
This last year has been a trying one: the demands of work, or rather the demands I put on myself at work, have taken their toll. This has paralysed any real creative activity I would normally have engaged in….particularly, music. But also my writing and visual artwork.
A few months ago I stated that I was stopping making music as I was finding it hard devoting time to it and that the ideas weren’t forthcoming. I was a bit hasty, and mistaken. In hindsight, music wasn’t the problem…it was my mindset.
So, I’m learning to manage that and doing it fairly successfully. I’m re-learning to live by the mantra that I always used to live by: Do It Yourself; Make Music For Yourself; Make Time; Stop Worrying.
That perhaps oversimplifies the issue, but those things are clear to me now.

So: Resolutions.
Well, this is what I’m going to aspire to:

  • Make music every day, even if it’s not obviously productive. One hour minimum.
  • Listen to more music by other (unsung) artists.
  • Use social media less; but post more to the blog (yes, I’ve been very remiss with this, this year).
  • These things are vital, as they will have a wider effect on your life. Without creativity, what is there to do?

So, with this in mind, I’m going to release another album around Springtime, April or May perhaps.
I have a title, “Zero Year Zero” and a few ideas. I’ve stuck a couple of provisional tracks on Soundcloud, but that’s not to say they’ll make the cut.

And here’s some music by others which I think you should hear:




Ok, I’m off to record some music.

Have a very happy 2016.

Playlist, Interview and Sundry Items

I’ve just put together a playlist of some rather nice tunes which I’ve either recently discovered, or have admired for some time, over on Mixcloud.

It features new stuff I’ve been impressed with, such as Julia Holter and Battles; as well as music by the rather fantastic Jumble Hole Clough, Manfred Hamil and Ian Thistlethwaite. I’ve tried to put it together as well as I know….hope you can find the time to enjoy it.

Here’s the LINK as I still can’t seem to get Mixcloud to embed on WordPress.

This week, I also did a short interview with In Bed With Maradona blog; talking music, influences and taking a rest from music. As I’ve said before, it’s great when people take an interest and want to share information. Click the link in this paragraph to read it. Thanks to John Dobson for that.

To finish…here’s a photo of a spider’s web.


Have a great week.


I may knock it on the head music-wise and focus on making visual arty stuff. Not sure if it’ll be permanent; but who knows?In making music independently, there are so many variables: how to make ‘good’ music; how to distribute it; how to come up with something ‘new’; how to fit it in with a hectic and all-consuming work and life schedule. The last two points are particularly pertinent at the moment; my music is essentially a re-hash and ‘originality’ doesn’t really come into it now. Most of the music I really admire is 20, 30 or 40 years old and has little relevance now. Anyway, if I do get back into painting and collage; expect to be pestered by images of sweeping landscapes and movie stills. Of course, I may change my mind….as I am prone to do. We’ll see.

New Album, Subscriptions, Sharing and Streams

On Friday, I released new album ‘The Dark Science’. It’s a mixture of mostly cinematic, melodic electronica, with some more acid-infused upbeat tracks intermingled. Initially, I was going to charge £1 for it (like all the other albums on my site now), but decided to offer it for the first week for free/pay-what-you-want. So, now’s probably the time to download it as it will be a paid-for download from next Friday 4th Sept. (Incidentally, I’d like to thank Steve Kelly for his invaluable advice and opinions on the tunes when I was having an ‘earmelt’. Go check his music at his Bandcamp).

I’ve mentioned subscriptions before, but I’ve lowered the price of a year’s subscription to also. So now, for just £5, with VIP Membership you can get the new album, twelve other albums or EPs (Editor’s note: I’m nothing but prolific, eh readers?!) plus three previously deleted (i.e. unavailable to anyone else) albums. I’ll be adding some other stuff to the bonus items as time goes by; such as the long deleted ‘Nita Disaster’ EP, which personally, I think is jolly good. Nita contributed some great spoken-word to my ‘VTOL‘ album and the earlier tracks on the ‘Nita…’ EP are our formative collaboration which got quite a bit of airplay at the time (around 2008 if I remember rightly). I’ll also be posting the live sessions I’ve done for Dandelion Radio as part of the package. If you’re a regular downloader of my music, subscription may be a good option.

Paying for, or subscribing to, the music will help fund possible physical releases in future, as I venture away from the virtual world and into reality (gulp).

vip grab

Also, please do tell your friends about my music if you like it (or even if you don’t!). Sharing on social media and by word-of-mouth does make a difference, honestly.

The new album is available to stream on Soundcloud, Amazing Tunes and a few tracks are on Reverbnation too. That gives you lots of options to stream on various devices. You can tell that I’m eager for you to hear the stuff, can’t you?!

Anyway, thanks for supporting my little music project. Here’s a little video of me pushing buttons and twiddling knobs ‘live’.

To conclude, if you learn anything from this post and if I’ve learned anything from being a teacher, it is “use italics and bold text when you want emphasis”.

Janice D. Soderling – poems

The Poetry Storehouse

1. Fissures (audio by Marie Craven & Neil Holland)
2. Autumn (audio by Nic Sebastian)
…. Still image remix by Charles Musser
3. Unnamed (audio by Nic Sebastian & Neil Holland)
…. Video remix by Marie Craven
4. What Would Jesus Say About This Wallpaper?
5. April is the cruelest month for poets
…. Video remix by Othniel Smith

(Read by Marie Craven)

(Read by Neil Holland)

At owl-light I follow the long stone wall

through quickening green where nettles sprawl.

My thoughts are not busy with you at all.

Or the curlew crying.

Little is left of the rough-edged chill,

only clear rivulets surging downhill

where the lake’s ice cover breaks sharp and shrill.

Like the curlew crying.

Too early for coltsfoot. Too late for all-heal.

Cranes bugle and lift. Larks spiral and peal.

There’s nothing can comfort the rending I feel.


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One Week: ‘The Dark Science’ album release 28th August

The freedom of summer has allowed me to virtually complete an entire album in the space of two months. There have been a lot of re-writes and re-records, but it’s finally finished. I will probably look back in a month’s time and think “I should have done this or done that”, but for now, I’m happy with it.

I’m asking you to come on a journey……from post-industrial South Wales to the cinema, via the dark satanic mills and eerie pastoral landscapes of Lancashire and Cumbria. All places that have been haunts for me over the years. When I say “the cinema”, I mean the British cinema tradition of producing some genuinely sinister horror and sci-fi in the 60s and 70s (and the BBC showing these on TV in the 70s and 80s), either pastoral or dystopian. Mix all this up and you might get a flavour of the album.


It’s not pastiche, but hopefully conjures some images. Incidentally, these are the images I came up with for the cover art.

This was the first one:


A bit too literal and a bit too cheesy I think. Part paper, part digital collage with an imagined scene from an imagined movie.

This is what I’m using:

Dark Science Cover1

(Sorry, couldn’t resist the Peter Saville-esque colour bars!)

Anyway, I often talk (write) too much about my music and motivations so I’ll shut up. Hopefully, you’ll like the album enough to download it (minimum of £1).

Here are a couple of previews, one of which is a free download on Soundcloud (and eventually on, for that is where you will be able to download the album).

Thanks for reading….be safe.

A New Season, A New Album

Being a busy chap, I’ve been spending every waking hour (well, almost) recording. The new music a bit dark, a bit playful in places and quite cinematic. Besides that, I’m not going to try to describe it, as I’d prefer you to make your own minds up on hearing it. Suffice to say, there’s a lot of sampling and a lot of analogue squelchy noise going on.

As a little preview, here’s a track called ‘Carried On The Dust’.

The album is called “A Dark Science” and will be available to download on 28th August at