BBC6 Music And All Things Eclectic

This recommendation is well after the fact because I’ve been listening to it for well over two years, but Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone is arguably the finest radio show currently on air. There’s a kind of expectation and anticipation you get when first tuning in……like there was in the halcyon days of the 80s when listening to John Peel at night.

For the uninitiated, it’s an eclectic three hour show dealing in ‘experimental’ music, both present and past. Maconie (ex-NME editor, TV talking-head and previous radio DJ) is a laconic, knowledgeable and humorous host. There is nothing elitist about this programme, in fact its general air of democracy and open-mindedness is infectious. Music played varies from obscure psychedelia, left-field jazz and modern orchestral music, to little-known folk music, electronica, dub, reggae, rock and vintage movie/TV soundtracks. Its a varied and educational 3 hours that passes very quickly. Its opened my eyes and ears……..recommended.

(It can be heard online and as an albeit truncated podcast)

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