Latest Developments

The short break from work has enabled me to get busy recording and catching up with various music stuff which I normally have no time to do.

The album “Free Pizza” is finally finished, and I’m fairly happy with it, being a bit of a departure from my usual style.

Prahran” is another collaboration between myself and the wonderful Pixieguts. She’s provided the vocals, as usual. Working in this way has really given me some impetus to try new stuff….she provides a vocal track and I arrange it and record the music around it. Getting the audio files for the vocals is a treat, as I never quite know what to expect. She’s always pitch perfect and she always supplies something interesting. Anyway, its a cool track, and very simple and chilled-out by my usual standards.

I’ve produced a remix of the awesome Northcape’s track, “Red Panda” also.

In the pipeline is a collaboration with New York’s Corrientes……a four-on-the-floor piece of upbeat IDM

All the tracks mentioned can be heard at, and now at iLike also.


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