Any Other Business

Its been a while, but I am now here scribbling; though I am aware that virtually nobody reads this page!
A question: How do you tag classical music for scrobbling on By composer? Or by artist (ie. orchestra/conductor)? In the scheme of things, its not a major deal, but its one of those nerdy things which troubles the 21st Century music collector. Answers on a postcard please.

I managed to shoehorn in some recording around an increasingly hectic work schedule. The tracks had been gestating for a month or so….starting out as doodles and beats…..but I think they reached their logical conclusion eventually, so I put them out in the public domain. The resulting mini-album is entitled “Donald Pleasance” and it can be heard here. To be honest, I’m not entirely satisfied with it, though I do rather like the track, ‘Prick’. I’ve also posted some much older tracks to add to the CutMat canon. They can be heard here and here.

Just to be anti-cool; I went to see a Motown tribute band last night……..good music and a fun atmosphere all for £7!…….Drank too much and I’m regretting it now. I think its time I get all Moby-fied and abstain from any self-indulgence (apart from music of course).


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