New Cwtch album – also pages/blogs at Blogspot, Facebook, Myspace and Reverbnation

The title says it all really! Please come over and join us or just say “hi”.

The album, ‘Cwtch’, has now been released and can be bought at:

Nine tracks of sheer delight!
But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what Mark Whitby of Dandelion Radio said:

“Dementio13 has been doing some of the most exciting electronic stuff of
recent years whatever he’s turned his hand to (I’d highly recommend
last year’s ‘Blacklung Mixer’ album), and Pixieguts adds that further
dimension of both sound and space that allows the stuff to reach into
spectral areas that even he doesn’t get to alone. It’s like a sonic
magician with an assistant that sounds pretty one moment, the next is
sawing herself in half.

But I’m conscious that my descriptions get nowhere near describing what
the music of Cwtch is like. You’ve got to hear it, which is why I’ve
given over some of my February show on Dandelion Radio to previewing
four of their tracks. I could have played something from the new Von
Bondies album, more from the Future Of the Left live album, of some of
those Diplo remixes he’s put out. But I thought it was more important
that you heard what Cwtch were doing, and I didn’t want to leave it to
just one track.”

Here are some other links where you might find us:

Cwtch at Myspace

Cwtch at Facebook

Cwtch at Blogspot

Cwtch at Reverbnation

Drop by and say hello!

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