Listeners’ Reviews

Dementio13 – “Blacklung Mixer” Album

“Impressive stuff, hugely creative and very well executed. Splott Shot was a shock as I wasn’t expecting to hear this kind of track at all, but in a good way! Generally great.”
– Northcape

“Very schizophrenic, but in a good way! Much retro, I like that. I like “A Virus Is Coming” the best!” – BPenguin (on

“This is excellent work. two thumbs up and added to my library/downloaded!”
– HipGnosis (on

Northcape – “Red Panda (Dementio13 Remix)”

“Wow – more than a remix! A complete rebuilt of a wonderful tune, profoundly done in a David Sylvian/Fripp/Eno-Style. Congratz to this very own individual approach to a Red Panda. Perfect!” – Baskyl (on

“Wow! fantastic remix, it is a re-interpretation indeed!” – WaveRiderMusic (on

Dementio13 – “Prick”

“Sweet” – asaki25 (on

“This track captures the essence of all the great Squarepusher tracks! Fast AND chill at the same time.” – Crimson Death

Dementio13 – “Shake Me Up”

“Terrific!!!” – Lhamu (on

Dementio13 – “Deprived Of My Senses (ft. Nita Disaster)”

“Love it!” – Tricia_McMillan (on

“Wow. I love this. The girl’s voice is incredibly beautiful, and fits perfectly with the music. This is so intense and beautiful. I got shivers/goosebumps. I want more, seriously.” – AlexFolland (on

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