Recommendations – Free Music, Blogs, Podcasts, etc

Taking care of business:

Just a few quick words about a variety of things you may be interested in.

Firstly, Pixicast ep4 is now out and ready for download. You can subscribe to it on iTunes, or download it direct from a number of sources including all free, of course. Its the official podcast of the ‘Pixie’s Palace Network’, which boasts a large international membership of independent artists (soon to be releasing a CD compilation). The podcast is one of the best sources of new independent music on the net, with a growing loyal and devoted following. Artists include Baskyl, Autorotation and TheTrees (sic), amongst many others. Its definitely worth checking out…

ANALOGUE ISLAND MUSIC SHOW ON PENWITH RADIO Along similar lines, and mentioned in some of my previous posts, is the Analogue Island radio show. Hosted by the very knowledgeable Greg Healey (aka. HealeyIsland), the show is a weekly foray into the world of electronic music. Tune in every Friday at 8.30pm BST (its also repeated, so check times; go to the Penwith Radio site to listen).

Cover art for Everything is Everything by Autorotation
Autorotation are a UK-based four piece “electronic-shoegaze” band who’s music actually straddles several genres. With a style that encompasses glitch, trip-hop, jazz and techno; the nearest generic description I can come up with is the rather nondescript title ‘IDM’ (ie: it defies clear classification!). But don’t let my lack of original terminology put you off….give them a listen and hear for yourself. A personal favourite song is ‘Mittelschmertz’ (from the album ‘Everything Is Everything’) with its cool understated vocals, jazzy electronic arrangements and moody cellos. Their albums can be purchased at Norman Records.

Finally, and as per usual, two pieces of self-promotion; but I’ll keep it short n sweet!

Monostereo – a great forum for sharing and discovering new and old experimental music. Inspired by Delia Derbyshire!

Plate One – my new album of electronica, drum n bass and neo-ambience.

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