CutMat Updates and a.o.b.

Just a quick bit of news to remind everyone of the various outlets where you can download Dementio13 wares, and information about upcoming stuff.

Firstly, All of Dementio13’s back-catalogue can now be downloaded at This includes some new re-packaged and re-mastered versions of older albums and singles, as well as new releases.

Four Dementio13 albums are available on iTunes and at Amazon MP3 as well.

Next, news of upcoming Cwtch releases: new material will be available for download at the end of January. We’re really pleased with the new songs, which are a bit different from previous releases, still experimental pop, but perhaps a bit ‘poppier’. The songs cover trip-hop, electro and drum n bass genres, but are pretty much uncatergorizable!
The mini-album will be available at our usual outlet,

Still with Cwtch, we’re re-mastering and re-releasing our older albums (recorded as ‘Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts‘). They will soon be available at Bandcamp also.

All the above music is available on a ‘pay as you wish’ basis, with no minimum price.

I sincerely hope you can check it all out, and download it if you like it.

Finally, I’ve updated the Dementio13 website, it’s a bit “cleaner” and more functional. Pages will be added as, and when, I have time.



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