News, Recommendations and A.O.B.

Well, summer’s here and my day-job has finished for the time being, so I’ll be able to devote some time to the things that matter: catching up on life. Due to work commitments, I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging and music front; but that’s about to change.

I’m soon to start working on a new album; I’ve got quite a few new ideas and I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks collating samples, programming sounds, etc.

One piece of music I have been able to commit to is a cover version of Doves‘ “Firesuite” for a forthcoming Doves covers album. It’s the work of the Doves Music Blog (a fan-run front-end blog published with the cooperation of the band). The blog can be found here.
The album will be released in a download-only format sometime in October. Provisionally titled “Echoes In The Alleyway”, the album will contain 20 or so tracks by a range of unsigned/independent artists, and it will be interesting to hear how a diverse range of artists reinterpret Doves’ own brand of epic North-Western kitchen sink indie rock (that’s my description of it; I always think of Doves’ music as New Order meets ‘Cathy Come Home’.)
Anyway, the website for the album can be found here, though its not got any content on it as yet.

Next up, some recommendations.
Matt Stevens is a London-based solo guitarist whose music could be described as melodic jazz ambience, or something! He’s clearly a technically gifted musician and his tracks really are a breath of fresh air. He uses a looper to sample and play back guitar phrases live, over which he plays and improvises. My description is a bit analytical, as the music is emotional and evocative, in reality. Personally, I like this relatively new breed of electro-acoustic musicians who are embracing technology to enhance their sound palette and to expand their possibilities. Check it out, it makes for really interesting listening and is highly recommended.

Two other quick recommendations for you – The Echelon Effect and Haut

End of transmission…



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