Updates, News and stuff

Its only a few days since the release of ‘Rebop’, but I’m just reminding people, nay, ‘nudging’ them towards the album. It’s a peculiar mix, this album: there are electro-acoustic, almost folky, tunes on there, as well as trippy hip-hop instrumentals and straight up melodic electro, all with a vintage movie twist. Free download here.

Also, I’ve had tentative discussions with a netlabel to release some new tracks, which will see a return to the squiggly, bleepy, broken breakbeat of old. I’m quite excited about this, and hopefully it’ll come to fruition. The return to familiar ground, music-wise, will be a challenge…. a welcome one.

I’m currently working on rehearsing and preparing for a ‘live’ radio session (not definite yet, but likely) on my laptop and Ableton Live. Again, its another challenge, as I’ve only scratched the surface of Ableton in the past, so there’s going to be a steep learning curve. It’ll be helped by the imminent arrival of some Korg Nanopads, which will make beat programming a bit more straightforward.

The date of the release of “Echoes In The Alleyway”, the Doves cover album, draws nearer (October 18th is the provisional date). My version of ‘Firesuite’ will be included, and all the proceeds from the album will go to The Teenage Cancer Trust.

Finally, one of the fruits of what has been quite a busy summer so far, my remix of Matt Stevens’ track “Big Sky” is still available for free download. Its an upbeat and highly melodic track, and I’ve ensured that Matt’s guitar is firmly upfront.

Its all lovely!

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