A Sunday Morning Blog: Taking Care Of Business

Hello world. Its a quiet, and rather slow, Sunday morning, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to update “Ear Protection…..” with news, views and whatever else comes into my head.

There are a few developments on the Dementio13 front. Firstly, in October, I’m playing a ‘live’ session for Greg Healey’s (aka HealeyIsland) show on Dandelion Radio. I say ‘live’, but it’s actually already been recorded and is in Greg’s possession. His show is always worth a listen anyway, so I was rather pleased to be asked to take part.

By the way, check out Greg’s music, it can be previewed on Last.fm, or just go straight to White Label Music’s website to download.

Also, I’ve been having chats with Yeah! netlabel about new releases through them. In the next couple of months they will be releasing my new tracks and some remastered oldies. The tracks will be available for a reasonable price and will benefit greatly from professional mastering, as opposed to my DIY efforts! Current releases on Yeah! and their affiliates can be found here.

In the meantime, my album, ‘Rebop’, can be downloaded on Bandcamp. It’s a heady mix of hallucinatory soundscapes and instrumentation, held together by rock solid beats, and insistent tunes.
Rebop Cover Art

On to Pixicast…..
Pixicast is the podcast run by my some-time collaborator Marie Craven (aka vocalist, Pixieguts) and David Almgren (electronic musician, Voide). The podcast is getting quite a following, and promotes electronic/alternative music from across the world. This month, there’s a track by my other collaborative alt-pop project, ‘Sal Boca’, in the mix.


Finally, I’ll point you in the direction of some other artists who are definitely worth a listen; some of which you’ll be familiar with possibly, if you follow me on Twitter.

Tara Busch
Her music and her ‘Analogue Suicide’ blog

The Echelon Effect
He’s got a very good new album out at the moment

Failed Muso (Rob Puricelli)
He writes a personal and informative blog about, well…everything really; but it mainly concerns great 80s music and synths. Also, he’s got a music show coming up on Radio Thetford (every Monday starting Mon 23rd Aug), which is bound to be worth listening to.

Good music, ’nuff said.

So, that’s it fer now. Have a great week, and happy listening.


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