New Dementio13 releases, events and other news

Forgive me if this is a repeat of previous blogs; its just an update really.

Well, as the Summer fades into Autumn, I return to my day-job and music takes a temporary back seat. However, I’ve been pretty busy over the Summer: recording and working on various projects; some of which will be available in the next month or so.

Firstly, my cover version of Doves‘ “Firesuite” will be available for download from Oct 18th. The album “Echoes In The Alleyway” will be an 18 track compilation of reinterpretations of Doves’ songs by a variety of artists from around the world. The tracks will be free to download, but with an option to donate to the Teenage Cancer Trust. The album should be interesting, especially to those of you who may be fans of Doves, and its good to know any proceeds will be going to a good cause.

Also in October, I will be performing a session for Greg Healey’s show on Dandelion Radio. So tune in and check me out. Greg’s show is broadcast online throughout the month, check Dandelion Radio for schedules.

This week (probably from 18th Sept), I will be appearing on Gabor Kovacs’ excellent ‘Electrical Language‘ podcast (episode 213). I take part in a discussion with ace guitarist Matt Stevens, and an impromptu appearance by the wonderful Marie Craven, who some of you will know as Pixieguts, of course. The interviews/discussion took place via Skype, which I never use normally, so it was a slightly bizarre experience. But it was great to talk to Matt, Marie and Gabor in person; especially as I’ve collaborated with two of them (Marie for 3 years; but that was the first time we’d actually spoken to each other!).

Speaking of Matt, don’t forget that you can download my recent remix of his track, “Big Sky” at Reverbnation (128kbps MP3) and Soundcloud (320kbps MP3). His music is inventive, mellow and melodic; and it was a pleasure to ‘have a go’ at remixing his track.

In August, as Dementio13 I released an album entitled “Rebop“. It’s a mixture of funky electro, mellow jazz-infused trip-hop and post-rock; and I urge you to go to to listen and/or download. Bandcamp has recently changed its rules regarding free downloads, so I’ve had to set a minimal price for the album and individual tracks. This is, however, still very reasonable and it won’t trouble your bank manager!

Finally, and possibly most importantly, for the first time in around 15 years of making music as Dementio13, I will be releasing future music with an independent netlabel. Yeah! Netlabel is home to the cool funky electro of Toffeetronic and the unique sounds of Wire Mother. And now, me. I’ll be releasing new material through them in the near future, along with some remastered older tracks. All music will be available under Creative Commons. Exciting stuff.


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