October is My Month of Good Stuff

Well, besides being the month of me dear ol’ Mum’s birthday; October is a special month this year, as it seems several Dementio13 projects come to fruition.

Firstly: Greg Healey’s new show on Dandelion Radio (the ace netstation devoted to the memory and spirit of John Peel) is now live. I’ve done a live session for this month’s playlist (as I’ve repeatedly bogged here!). Anyway, I thought I’d provide a handy cut-out-&-keep schedule for his show:

OCTOBER 1st – 3am
                2nd – 1am
                3rd – 9pm
                4th – 7pm
                5th – 5pm
                6th – 3pm
                7th – 1pm
                8th – 11am
                9th – 9am
                10th – 7am
                11th – 5am  

                The cycle then repeats from Oct 12th until 30th

On the 31st, which is the last run of the show before the November schedule starts, Greg’s show is on at 8am. All times are BST.

Then, don’t forget the release of the Doves cover-version album, “Echoes In The Alleyway” on 18th October. My version of ‘Firesuite’ opens the 25 track album.

There’s other stuff in the pipeline too; more of which at a later date….



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