Yeah! album release dates

My first release on Yeah! will be a mini-album of remastered recent tracks. Entitled “Grid Reference”, the album is a collection of tracks remastered by Yeah!’s audio boffins, and the tracks sound a lot better for it. If you’re looking for some of my best recent tracks compiled into a neat and funky collection, then ‘Grid Reference’ is for you….. likewise if you’re new to my music.
As Yeah! say themselves:

Grid Reference – Dementio13
A hand picked collection of 8 impressive electric tracks that showcases the talents of Producer/Remixer Dementio13.
Grid Reference smashes its way through various electronic genres giving a loud, proud two finger salute to ‘sticking to one formula’.
Dark, Fast, Deep and Mellow ‘Grid Reference’ is your Number One user guide to all things Dementio13!”

The album will be available on the Yeah! website from Saturday 18th December 2010, and will then be available on iTunes from January 22nd 2011, for those of you who prefer to use Apple’s music store.
I’m really excited about this.

Also, for Christmas, Yeah! are giving away some downloadable goodies which will include my Dandelion Radio session. Look out for that, as there’s some great music by Yeah! artists. All good stuff.

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