2010: Reflection

From a chilly and snowbound Cardiff, as another year comes to a close, its time to look back to a year of productivity, collaboration and mixed fortunes.

2010 was a good year. The two highlights for me being my new affiliation with Yeah! netlabel; and the chance to record a live session for Greg Healey‘s Dandelion Radio show. Running a close second to that was the release of ‘Be.ep‘ and ‘4:10‘ as Cwtch, at the start of the year; my remix work and the inclusion of my cover of Doves’ ‘Firesuite’ on the charity album “Echoes In The Alleyway…

Its been great to partake in such things, especially as the rigours of work (a day-job that demands much of my time and effort), and life (at times complicated….like everyone else’s!) sometimes prevent me from doing what I really want to do, ie: music.
Its also been great to work with some truly wonderful and talented people; albeit via this interwebnet thing. My soundtrack album for Doomwatch.org‘s audio-dramas; the remix I did of Matt Stevens’ amazing track ‘Big Sky‘; my ongoing collaboration with Marie Craven (Cwtch), and my work with Nita Disaster, all goes to highlight what talent there is out there, sometimes unsung. I’ve been really lucky to work with these guys.

Regarding other people’s music; I’ve discovered some great stuff from commercially successful, and not so commercially successful, artists.
Allow me to recommend, in particular:

Matt Stevens
The Echelon Effect
Squarepusher’s fantastic ‘Shobaleader One’
Tara Busch
The Nurse Who Loved Me
The Honored Guests
Wire Mother
Big Block 454

Also, the bloggers and podcasters/broadcasters who do what they do because they love music

Failed Muso
Greg Healey
Gabor Kovacs
This Reality Podcast
Dandelion Radio
Mark Whitby
Doves Music Blog
SoulJazz Records
LTM Records
Recycle (Joy Division/New Order Archivist – some great Factory freebies)
Recycle: Joy Division & New Order - The Factory Years
and many others that I’ve forgotten to mention.

So, there it is. Its been a busy year of listening to and producing music. And hopefully there’ll be more to come in 2011. Have a great xmas and new year, and thanks for reading/listening.


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