Preview of New Tracks for a New Year

Hi again,
Hope you all had a great New Year, and aren’t suffering too much from post-excess trauma!

2011 may prove to be a productive and interesting year for Dementio13…. at least, that’s the plan.

The end of 2010 saw the release of ‘Grid Reference’, a mini album of remastered tracks, on Yeah! netlabel (incidentally, its available on the iTunes Store from Jan 22nd). Hot on the heels of that will be an EP of new tracks on Yeah!

The new EP will be more electro-based, with a return to the style that spawned the Dementio13 project all those years ago; containing stripped-down beats, analogue gurgles and fast arpeggios. I was compelled to start recording in 1998, after years of listening to the likes of early New Order, Severed Heads, Kraftwerk and 808 State; and the new EP reflects those early influences. So, put on those old-skool sneakers, grab a glow-stick, and bounce around like a demented fool to the post-industrial sounds of the ‘Vulcan Foundry’ ep (when its released, that is).

As a quick taster, here’s a little video (nothing fancy) I put together a week or so ago. Its an ‘on-the-fly’ version of the title track.

Dementio13 – Vulcan Foundry


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