New Dementio EP – Snackshack

So, the new release is here. And what can I say? My week of mixing and tweaking has paid off; starting with the Alone remix, and concluding in this little audio bundle. Most of the new tracks have been recorded for some time, some have been available on Soundcloud as streams or downloads. But I’ve now been able to compile them into a coherent mass, and mixed/mastered them.

So, this is “Snackshack”.


1. Snackshack

2. F*** You, Purist

3. Ohm Song

4. The Pit

5. Under The Bed

6. Clinging To The Wind

I can only describe this as a quite eclectic mix of electronic tracks, with some ambience, some alt electro, some trip-hop, some soundtrack-like shenanigans, even some shoegaze-type drones. But enough from me, see for yourself.


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