Big Block 454 – Recommended Listening – A Short Review Kinda Thing

I always tend to use this blog to try to promote my own music, but rarely talk about the music of others. This isn’t an intentional attempt to deny the existence of the work of others in favour of my own; its just mainly a time thing. I work to fund my music, unfortunately, my work also tends to take over my life, my weekends and evenings.

Anyway, as an attempt to rectify this to some extent, here’s a recommendation to music which has stirred me lately.

Big Block 454 are a collection of musicians from the Northwest of England. They’re seasoned pros, having played with, recorded with, or been involved with, a variety of familiar names from post-punk/’alternative’/rock spheres. They bill themselves as a Zappa and Krautrock-influenced band, but their music is so much more than that. I really like the way they actively go out of their way to defy conventions, to push boundaries in structure and sonically. They improvise and experiment, but they do it with humour and a sheer delight in what they are doing.
Anyway, they’ve got a new release in “Bells & Proclaimations”, a collection of 12 bizarre songs and noodles which stir the soul as well as making you smile. A particular favourite of mine is ‘The Cloud Of Unknowing’, a drone-like neo-Doors track, which grows and grows.

It has elements of Can, The Doors and Edwin Collins; which, I’m sure, is a great combination!
Please check this album out, as its an accomplished soundtrack to the absurdities of life, and bursts the bubble of pomposity which sometimes surrounds more left-field music.

Download it HERE. It’s a pay-as-you-want release with no minimum price.

Big Block 454’s Twitter.


One response to “Big Block 454 – Recommended Listening – A Short Review Kinda Thing

  1. Just D/L the album. Will give it a listen in work now. Decided to pay £2 more of a way of thanks for sending me the “Strangeways Riot” MP3 a few years back. Ta la.

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