Another EP release…

Hello again. Hope you’re enjoying the great Spring weather this weekend in the UK. I’ve just released another DIY album on Bandcamp, so thought I’d tell you about it; cos that’s the kind of guy I am!
In November/December 2010, I recorded four tracks which I sent to Yeah! Netlabel for release in the new year. They were to be mastered by Matt at Yeah! and scheduled for a paid-for release around January. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Yeah! have ceased operations; so I’ve put them up on Bandcamp as a pay-as-you-wish (no minimum) release.

The ‘Vulcan Foundry EP’ is a collection of stark minimal and beat-heavy electro tracks which stand in direct contrast to those on the ‘Snackshack’ EP. It’s quite a kinetic EP I think: faster BPM and a much more restricted aural palette of sound, sticking to percussive synths. In fact it makes quite a good companion piece to Snackshack, showing both sides of my slightly split-personality musical output!

Anyway…as usual, make your own mind up.


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