Free New Tracks – Folks

Well, I’m not at home at the moment; actually I’m visiting family back in the Northwest of England. During my visit so far I had a few hours to myself, as well as the 5 hour train journey here, so I worked in Ableton (without keyboard or controllers) using some of the original loops I’ve recorded over the years. This is quite a novel way of working, for me. But it’s refreshing for me to think of my process in a different way.

Anyway…..these new sounds aren’t indicative of the way Dementio13 might develop in the future; they’re more of a spontaneous outburst. They’re quite different to my recent output.
See what you think; they’re free and are in aiff format; so they may take a while to download.

(Incidentally, I’m actually thinking of releasing these little outbursts every-so-often on Soundcloud as free downloads…..Releasing, or ‘letting them escape’, perhaps).


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