It’s Not All Me, Me, Me Y’Know…

I tend to blog about my own musical practise, or releases, I know. But from time to time, I try to change tack and share other artists’ music which I’ve discovered and enjoyed. This is one such post.

Twitter has been a great source of discovery; and this artist was one such find. Pinklogik (Jules) releases through the netlabel Section27 and her 2009 album “Learning To Trust Higher Frequencies” was my introduction to her music.
From the melodic bleeps and pads of opening track ‘Gelid’, and the elastic beats of the following track ‘Palinopsia’ one is instantly engulfed in sounds which wash-over you like cleansing rain in a thunderstorm. There’s also some serious 8-bittery about the tunes: computer game-type bleeps and square waves find a counterpoint in warm analogue pads which swell and subdue the rhythmic elements. However, apart from these sonic variants, it’s the actual tunes which create the emotional effect. Repeating motifs overlap and build rather than become merely repetitive; and these motifs comprise melodic elements of some beauty. The overall result is above all, as mentioned, emotionally quite affecting.
There are moments of almost rhythm-less ambience which then are interrupted by subtle drums (‘Theta Landscape’ for instance), never letting you ‘float away’ completely…this is music which is more than mere ambience, or drone, it requires you to be less passive when listening.
The album is definitely worth a listen or download. If you’ve a penchant for warm, mellow electronica which demands real listening (somewhat in the style of the early Warp Records ‘Artificial Intelligence’ series) this is for you.


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