Updates and such stuff

I’ve got a week off work, which unhappily coincides with a bout of back-pain which I’ve not had for a long, long time. Anyway, the time away from the day-job has given me the opportunity to refine some tracks which I’ve been playing about with in Ableton. It’s been a bit of a revelation, delving into Ableton Live in more depth (still not scratched the surface really); it’s a totally different way of working compared to the live keyboards and bass of my regular Dementio13 stuff. With this in mind, I’m going to release the new tracks as Diebenkorn, my other, slightly different alter-ego.

I’ve just got a bit of tweaking to do, and mastering; then the album “Magnox” will be unleashed unto the world.
The tracks are a tad different to my D13 stuff. I still seem to be going down the melodic route, with heavy beats, etc. But this new music is given more ‘room’; some tracks are longer, allowing the sound to develop over time. The ‘ambient’ nature of the first Diebenkorn ep has been replaced by repetition, noise and up-front beats. The tracks are a bit more ‘drone-y’. I’ve been listening to DJ Shadow, Stereolab and Can recently, so I guess this has influenced the album a bit.

Here’s a taster, on Soundcloud, and downloadable too. Give it time, it grows.

Incidentally, Diebenkorn isn’t the first time I’ve recorded under a different name. These are my previous aliases; you can download a lot of this music for free if you like it.

Sal Boca, (with Neil McCann, Claire James and Caroline Moore) and Spacek Cadet.

The Diebenkorn album will be available on 3rd June at Bandcamp.com.


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