Loops On Diebenkorn Album For Remixers

I’ve made a few additions to the Diebenkorn album, “Magnox”; in the spirit of sharing and community!
For some time now, I’ve thought that it’d be great to provide remix loops with an album download as bonus material. I’ve no idea if it’s been done before, but for me it’s an experiment which I might repeat for future releases. It means that the listener, whether they’re experienced musicians/producers or not, can tailor-make their own tracks/remixes from the components of the tracks they’ve just bought. All you need is fairly simple software (Macs have Garageband as standard, whereas PCs have a whole plethora of free third-party software) to reorganise or add to the parts of the tracks.

As I said, this is only an experiment, so I’ve just included elements of two tracks from the album; ‘Class of 83’ and ‘Rural Idyll’, as bonus tracks. These appear as ‘hidden’ tracks (tracks 11 to 28) which can be accessed if you download the whole album.

I’ve no idea what the response will be; some people may object to having to download the full album to get to the loops; some may want to download the album without the loops, but I guess they can delete the bonus ‘tracks’ after downloading, so I don’t see a real problem with that.

Anyway, if nothing else, it’ll be interesting to see what people think about, or do with, the loops!

Here’s the link to the album again:

I’ve also uploaded the loops to Diebenkorn’s Soundcloud pages if you wish to preview or download without the album.

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