A little update…”The Hobbyist”

I’ve started programming and recording some tracks which I’ve been dipping in and out of for a couple of months. I literally have been spending half an hour here and there, on laying down some ideas and musical sketches.
Now, half an hour, or so, is not a decent length of time to work musical ideas through, not for me anyway. But it’s been more through necessity than design. What it has allowed me to do is tweak, reflect and evaluate. This is something I don’t really consciously do enough of, normally. I normally work quickly, producing whole tracks in one sitting….maybe over four or five hours. Occasionally, I return the following day to add, subtract and restructure. But I generally work quickly. This isn’t the case with these new tunes.

So, anyway, the next album (and it will be an ‘album’, with a start, a middle and an end) is up and running. I’m trying to make something different from my usual style; but we’ll see how it turns out. I’m expecting to release it in mid-August (date tba). I do know the title will be an ironic nod of recognition and appreciation to semi-pro/independent/”amateur”/”unsigned” musicians everywhere. And that it’ll be pay-what-you-want with no minimum.

In other news: it’s good to see people have been downloading and then torrenting “Snackshack”. It means more people are listening to it, and it’s ‘on the radar’! Feel free to share and promote (it saves me the bother!!!).

Also, I recently completed a remix of PinkLogik’s track “Playing With Sticks”. It’ll be released in the new year I think, as part of a compilation of remixes of the track. I get a bit orchestral on it.

That is all.


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