Temporary Music….

Just a quick one to inform you that, as is my way occasionally, I’m deleting some of my music from the internet/universe. I do this every so often, as a kinda cathartic/cleansing experience! I’ve always seen the releases as ‘limited editions’; temporary, if you will. There’s no use being precious about them.
Anyway, the next releases to bite the dust will be ‘Vulcan Foundry’, ‘All Known Germs’, ‘Rebop’ and ‘Shatterbrain’, which are currently available HERE. I’ll be deleting them on 14th August.

Here’s what the ‘Sounds Of Solarno’ blog said about Vulcan Foundry:

“Clicky drones? Check.
Punchy drums? Check.
Staccato arpeggiations? Check.
The ability to make you dance without a traditional dance song structure? Check…..

The opening crystalline arpeggios of Milling Maschine sets the stage for a mellow, almost ambient sonic journey before a pummeling kick sets in to wake you up. The track occasionally let’s you settle back into an almost psycadelia-laced trip, only to once again pound reality back into your conscious.

The title track, Vulcan Foundry trades the crystalline for the raw, letting you know exactly what you’re in for from the opening notes. With it’s fast moving bass line and subtle sweeping pads, VF would fit in perfectly as a family member of Orbital’s ‘Middle of Nowhere’ album. And just when you had this track all figured out, Paul throws in an incredibly serene bridge of solo bells.

Axlegrinder is another raw, aggressive track, this time centered around a massive sub-bassline dropped under some fantastic DnB percussion programming. Paul even tosses in a couple of short dubstep-esque (everything but the wobble bass) passages to make sure that you’re still paying attention. For those who love finding the intricacies of sound that can be hidden behind a veil of simplicity, Axlegrinder is the track for you.

The EP closes with Steelies, a spastic, droning cacophony of brilliant sound. If Paul had held a seance before composing this piece, he ended up channeling Jan Hammer. Yes, Crocket and Tubbs would have this playing in their white Testarossa as they chased down drug dealers through South Beach.

This is a truly fantastic collection of songs, and one that has been in heavy rotation for the past two weeks on my iPhone. While one can easily find where inspiration came from, it is by no means strictly derivative in nature. Paul expertly uses familiarity as a starting point, but them lets the music define itself in the listeners ears. Because of this, Vulcan Foundry is a truly enjoyable EP, and one worthy of a listen.”


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