Not a Competition, Just An Exercise In Sharing

Looking for any fans/listeners/friends/aspirin​g video artists to make a video to one of my tracks off The Hobbyist. It’s a long shot and very cheeky of me, as I can’t offer anything in return! But I’m hoping someone can rise to the challenge in the spirit of sharing and it might be a handy addition to your showreel, or whatever. (“That Dementio bloke, he always wants something for nothing!”)

Anyway, here’s what you should do, if you’re interested:

1. If you’ve not done so already, pop over to and download the album for free, or pick your track and download that.

2. Choose the track to use.

3. Make the video. It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering, in fact the simplest ideas often work the best. But something which either tells a story or contains imagery which compliments the music would be nice.

4. Save it as an MP4, preferably as an HD one if possible (desirable but not essential).

5. Send it to me at via a link to a ‘carrier’ or cloud site (like

6. It’ll be licensed as Creative Commons and, of course, you can post it wherever you like, or use it as a showreel, or put it on your YouTube page, whatever. As long as I can upload my copy to the CutMat Recordings YouTube page and make it visible to everyone, that’s ok. You will, of course, get full credit and links to your own page/blog/website/whatever.

If you are interested or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at the email address above.


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