Looking Backward To Go Forward…

Well, that’s virtually it. My summer’s nearly over and I’ll be returning to the day-job with some enthusiasm, but a slightly heavy heart. So it seems like an appropriate moment to take stock and evaluate the last 3 months. And also to mention some completed mini-projects which haven’t seen the light of day yet…but will do soon.

The main production of the summer was The Hobbyist, of course. I have been really heartened and encouraged by the response, from the number of downloads and comments. I’d just like to take this moment to thank all those who downloaded, bought, shared, commented on, or supported the album. Seriously, it’s really made all the difference.

A more recent and, as is my way, a speedier production was the new Cwtch EP, which was only released this week. Marie did a brilliant job on the vocals and, as ever, it was a cinch to get the music recorded around them as a result. Even though we work ‘together’ with 8000 miles, or whatever it is, between us; we still manage to make unified music. It’s a cool way to work.

So, those were the main projects. But I’ve been busy on the remixing front too; most of which haven’t been released yet. Mainly because they are being released as part of other artists’ albums or as bonus tracks. These release times are estimates, but I think they will be available soon-ish:

Remix of Alone‘s track ‘Fizzing’ – it will appear on his new EP which I think will be released in September.

Likewise with Jewellers‘ track ‘Amber’ which I remixed at the beginning of July. I think that might be a bonus track on their EP, around Sept.

I did a re-build of Pinklogik‘s track ‘Playing With Sticks’. Jules is releasing an album of remixes of the track by a variety of artists around December/January and my version will be on there.

Finally, I’ve entered a competition to remix Tara Busch‘s track ‘Rocket Wife’. Not to win of course (nervous cough!), but more as a challenge and because it’s for a good cause (The Bob Moog Foundation). That’s posted, but won’t be made public at the moment.

So, as a result of all this, I’m taking a break from recording for a while. I’m going to concentrate on practise and discipline! I want to try to get my bass-playing up to scratch! So, I’ll be practising and keeping any moments of genius (!) to myself!!! Also, I think I need to make some longer-term plans regarding my music, rather than just letting music ‘escape’ every so often! I think I’ll be back in the saddle after Christmas….that means 2012, basically.

So, thanks again for your support (yes, you!) and thanks for reading.


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