Alone and Matt Stevens releases soon…

Gotta say, there are two independent releases I’ve been anticipating over the last month or so. Both by staunchly independent artists who know their craft and know the virtues of patience and perfectionism. I’m going to try not to use any generic terminology here, as I think in these cases, it’ll be a bit redundant.

Those of you who read this blog with some regularity will be familiar with James Reichelt, aka Alone. He’s released some great EPs and albums in the past which, by his own admission (probably!), he’d say were his ‘early phase’. They contain complex, melodic and atmospheric electronic sounds, sometimes with guitar. And I’ve enjoyed several of these releases immensely. However, it’s been a while since he released anything new, though he’s hinted at an new EP and new tracks. Well, actually, I know they exist because I’ve remixed one track off the EP! But the other tracks are a mystery to me. I can assure you that they’ll be full of interesting sounds, tunes and some surprises, if his previous releases are anything to go by. This new release has taken him some time to produce; he’s been fine-tuning, refining and patiently tweaking and that’s a really good sign that this is going to be a quality release. Like I said, I’m looking forward to this one.

The other independent release is by Matt Stevens. The album’s called ‘Relic’ and this one will be a monster; I think it’s his best work yet. His previous solo releases have involved an acoustic guitar/looper combo, occasionally with some extra instrumentation; creating rich textures and deep layers of tune and tonality. However, this new release sees him experimenting more with intense rhythm using electric guitar, electronics, drums and a ‘band’ format. Not exclusively, but moreso than previously (I’m talking about his solo work here, not his work with The Fierce And The Dead or Yonks). I’m really looking forward to the new album.

H’aaaanyway…… this was a quick post to give you the headsup. It wasn’t a review, or a proper preview; but they’ll be worth checking out once released.



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