Alone – ‘Fizzing’ EP (Available 10th Oct)

Laden with the creative use of effects, wistful vocals, layered guitar lines, dark and occasionally uplifting melodics, electronic glitches and 8-bit crackles: James Reichelt’s new release, “Fizzing”, offers a peculiar brand of music which crosses the various wires of alt-pop, post-rock, electronica and ambient. The resulting short-circuit this causes creates a listening experience which veers between muted euphoria and dark cinematics.

“Muted euphoria” may seem like an oxymoron of sorts. However, there *is* a joyfulness which permeates this 6-track release. Always restrained, controlled and meticulously recorded. James has been working on these tracks for the best part of a year; honing, refining and coaxing; and this labour has paid off. It takes will-power and a clear vision to produce something like this over such a sustained period of time without ever getting jaded. It has, indeed, been a labour of love.

The opening (title) track grows organically from an echoing sequence overlaid with arpeggios of chiming guitar, before bursting into an upbeat song structure. James’ voice is impassioned and this cements the drama of the track. Other tracks of note are ‘Level Spirit Level’ (very cool guitar melodics and electro-rock interjections) and the ethereal ‘Today Is Going To Be A Busy Day’ with its swathes of synth and guitar texture and cute bit-crushed indecipherable female vocal.
‘Flat Earth Society’ makes for a lovely closer. Its minimalism and restraint acting as a counterpoint to the layered luxury of the previous tracks. It’s a small track dealing with big ideas.

Compared to Alone’s earlier releases, this is undoubtedly a more sophisticated and progressive collection of tunes (‘tunes’ being the operative word…. no pointless electronic trickery overshadowing melody here).

Available from Alone’s Bandcamp from 10th October and thoroughly recommended.


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