Thanks, listeners! Am humbled….

Hello all. I’ve been very busy cultivating my alter-ego, “Mr. Foster” lately. Lots of work-related stuff; with artist workshops, meet-n-greet evenings, ever-so-boring departmental self-evaluations and student creativity.

So, in the absence of music productivity, I’ve been checking out some of my internet-exposure conduits. Over on, the trustworthy music-streaming service, I have cultivated a fairly decent following of listeners and fans. I am so grateful for that….. 13,700+ unique listeners. That means I’ve reached over 13,000 of you. I’d never hoped or envisaged that my music would be heard by so many people from across the globe. So I’m extremely pleased that my self-indulgient, rather marginal music actually has an audience! Basically, to cut a long story short, many many thanks for listening and commenting. You wouldn’t believe how much this means to someone who produces music on a shoestring; with no promotion budget and no real idea about how to go about releasing music to a wider audience!

You are my sustinance.

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