Some new music and some news…

After some inactivity, musically, due to an exotic mixture of work and back pain, I’ve been busy working on some early mixes of some new music. I’m hoping to get an album together for a Summer release in 2012, so there’s plenty of time to evaluate, alter and remix.


There are more things in the pipeline also: a new exclusive track for Pete Jackson’s December show on Dandelion Radio. And then, in February, a live session for Mark Whitby’s show on Dandelion and then another one for Pete Jackson later in the spring! I am so grateful for the opportunities that the folks at Dandelion Radio have given me. If you’re not familiar with the station, please do take a listen; their remit is to continue the spirit of John Peel through their broadcasts, playing obscure and independent music by ‘signed’ and DIY artists. You can make some great discoveries on there. They’re an internet only station and they rotate/repeat their shows throughout each month. Check this page for schedules. They also have an app for a well-known phone so you can listen wherever you are.

Also, in December, I’ll be releasing a free ep of remixes of my track ‘So’ by Pinklogik, Boffly and Toaster. They’re great and it’s my little Christmas present to anyone who’s interested!


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