Itching To Get Started – Some Musings & SocNet Rants

Patience, my friend, patience. These are the words I keep saying to myself as the nights draw in and the days get shorter. I’ve been recording and programming over the past few weeks, while balancing a hectic work schedule. For once, I’m managing to do this fairly successfully. But there never seems enough time. Also, I’m working against my natural instincts and taking my time. Believe me, this is more difficult than it sounds. The impulse to get music ‘out’ into the ether is very strong.

This is where playing live would be a massive benefit; the music would be heard by an audience at the same time as allowing me to trial and refine new tunes. However, apart from the occasional egotistical pang, I have no desire to play live… wouldn’t be “live” anyway would it? Me, on my own, pushing a few buttons and hitting ‘start’ on the sequencer!

So, I’m going to have to wait. Be patient.

On another point, I’ve disabled my Facebook account, replacing it with another, more anonymous one. The main reason I’m on Facebook is to maintain my music pages there (Dementio13 and CutMat Recordings), but the ‘social’ aspect of the site doesn’t really interest me. I’m on Twitter for that….but I do find myself getting a little aggrieved with both at times. Facebook has always been a  a bugbear for me: It’s restricting rather than open and the compulsion many people feel to expose their personal lives on there (often in very negative ways) is alien to me; a tad embarrassing and infectious at times. Maybe it’s my Northern working-class upbringing, but I always believed that you play your cards close to your chest and don’t bother people, other than close friends and family, with your problems.

I work with young people and we spend a lot of time telling these youngsters how you shouldn’t give too much personal information away on FB, etc. How you shouldn’t bully others and should think of the consequences of what you post. Then, I log into FB and see adults doing just that.

Now, please don’t get me wrong, especially if you’re one of the people I interact with fairly regularly (you’re all cool!); my rant isn’t really about you. I just find Facebook a bit….well, unreal, pointless, pseudo-personal.

As for Twitter, well I had a bit of a cull on there recently. Unfollowing people I didn’t want to ‘talk’ to, or share with (thus undoing the time spent on developing ‘relationships’ with some listeners; but I’d rather have the quality of interaction that Twitter allows with people of a like mind, rather than a full timeline of endless #ffs and #mms and lots of followers). Twitter has always been much more immediate and genuine from my experience. Sure, people have rants and complaints (me included), but 140 characters makes you very succinct. It’s a much more positive place….I’ve met some of the people I’ve conversed with on Twitter and they have been just as charming, realistic and interesting in person as they have in the virtual space of Twitter.

In fact, many of my followees on Twitter are people I’d happily spend a few hours in the pub with chatting about music, films, 70s kids TV and food! If you’re one of those people, cheers; your presence is appreciated.

Anyway, to offset any bitterness or anger oozing from this post, here’s a picture of a kitten…..

My next issue is how exactly I should distribute my next proper release; downloads? Yes for certain. Physical copies also? Perhaps, but in a really nice package that includes a CD, art and a USB drive….perhaps. Pay-what-you-want or fixed-price? Hmm, not sure yet. But perhaps that should be the theme of a different post……there’s always time; patience, Paul, patience.


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