Next Few Months…

Hello. I’m just posting a little reminder for some upcoming events I’ve got going on. All free stuff, so I’m hoping you can share in the festivities…

In December, I’ve got a free little EP out (from 1st Dec at It contains three remixes of the track “So”, by Pinklogik, Toaster and Boffly. They’re all good and give a new twist on my original track.

Over on Dandelion Radio, in December, Pete Jackson will be playing an exclusive new track on his show. ‘Snow Star’ is an icey digital foray into neo-techno…somewhere I don’t go very often. It’s an early version and has changed a bit since.

February sees my first live mix of the year, for Mark Whitby, on Dandelion Radio.

Then, in April, I’ll be playing on Pete Jackson’s show too!

In May, the two mixes will be available for free download on CutMat Recordings’ Bandcamp site.

Then, finally, the new album will be available in June. So, 2012 will get off to a busy start! Just how I like it….bring it on.

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