WTF? And other stuff…

Still been managing to get some music ‘done’, despite an incredibly busy workload and several work-related events which see me putting-in 12-hour and 14-hour days. However, I’ve been putting myself under extra pressure for some bizarre reason, wondering about how and when I’m going to release the next album.

For instance, I’ve now got 12 tracks that I’m happy with (and another 4 that I’m not so) and that would bring the album to around 50mins long. So, that’s a reasonable length I think. So, why am I ‘sitting’ on these tracks until the Spring/Summer? (My original plan was to release the album in June sometime). I’ve got to admit, it seems like a weird conceit…..holding back an album in order to give it a proper ‘build-up’ promotion-wise (albeit lo-fi, DIY, promotion-wise!). I used to release stuff almost as soon as I recorded it, up until this year really. But now I’m being more measured…a little, anyway.

I also want to accrue a few more tracks to give me more selection for the running-order of the album. As I’ve said before, if I release an album, I’d like it to be heard in order, in its entirety. I can’t just record a track to a specific genre intentionally, if you get my drift. I know some musicians who’ll say, “Today, I’m going to record a deep house track”, or whatever. (Incidentally, this may show the musician’s familiarity and deftness with their craft and their musical knowledge. Or it may expose a certain ignorance that closes-off any further experimentation beyond generic conventions; I dunno….maybe a bit of both). I don’t get that….. my stuff just comes out how it comes out. There’s no intentional decision to make it fit a genre or style. So, if I need change of mood on the album, I don’t make a track to order, I just record and record and record until something appropriate comes out. This may involve the production of 5 tracks, most of which will never see the light of day.

The thing is… I really want people to hear the new stuff, I’m getting impatient. I’m excited about it once again. The sound seems to be going back to basics, a bit. Even though there are one or two heavily-layered (some might say “overblown”) tracks, a majority have been paired-down from my usual layer-on-layer excesses.

By the way…I think the release is still going to be digital download-only. It’ll be streamable on, but only downloadable from Bandcamp as a PAYW album. So, no change at all from previous releases. This may change before the release, but I doubt it. The main thing is, it’s the best way for the music to reach the widest possible audience, I think, anyway.

Anyway…whatever. Here’s a link to Pinklogik’s remix of “So”, which appears on a new free EP from CutMat Recordings. Cheers.


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