Reviews, releases and performance

Hello, you. As per usual, I’m very busy with ‘work stuff’ and am still able to spend quality time writing/recording music. The new album is coming along quite nicely though; I’ve got a decent body of tracks collected together which I’ll whittle-down to around 1 hour of music at some point. What keeps me going is, of course, the sheer pleasure (and occasional frustration) that comes through playing and recording music; as well as the occasional kind words of listeners, fans, friends, musicians and reviewers.

And so, it was particularly pleasant this week to receive, not one, but two reviews from writer/musician Oliver Arditi. Now, I’d been reading Oliver’s blog before these reviews, on a recommendation from Matt Stevens. His writing impresses me for a number of reasons. He writes about music on his blog (he also posts regular literary reviews and creative writing on his Tumblr site), reviewing various styles of DIY artists’ music in an, undoubtedly wordy, but erudite and engaging way. He has an obvious love of his subject, but also looks below the surface of the music, considering the personal, cultural and contextual significance. He avoids cliche and, more importantly, comparisons, in his reviews (something many reviewers/bloggers are guilty of…me included, of course. But really, comparing the music of X to the music of Y is just lazy!). I thoroughly recommend his writings on new releases. Anyway, he wrote two rather favourable reviews for ‘The Hobbyist’ album and for Cwtch, HERE and HERE.

I would also like to remind you that I’ve got two live sessions coming up in Feb and March 2012 on Dandelion Radio. They’re already recorded and they include some new material and narrative soundscapes. I’m going to put them up for download on Soundcloud from April.


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