No More Twitter, No More Facebook

Full stop. You may (or may not) have noticed that I’ve withdrawn from Twitter and Facebook. If you’ve read my blog fairly regularly, you’ll be aware that I’ve always been a bit, er….’conflicted’… about using social media. It’s a weird modern phenomenon; a means of communicating that’s neither real, nor artificial. Where people share the most mundane of things and the most intimate. And, particularly on Twitter, people advertise their creative wares ad infinitum. This last point is something I’ve never been particularly good at, or comfortable with. It runs against my better instincts. Before I joined the Twitter hivemind, I managed to get my music ‘out there’ without having to shout about it too much. After joining, I realised that self-promotion became something different. I appreciate the connections I made on there, but those connections had nothing to do with my music…. more my interest in movies and art. So, my attitude to Twitter and Facebook has been more to do with connecting with people, not ‘customers’. These are two things which are totally different from each other, to me. Musicians, like Matt Stevens for instance, have been been very adept at merging the two; but I, alas, am not. I tend to compartmentalise everything; it helps me organise and differentiate.

All this and I’ve made a (pre-emptive) New Year’s resolution to spend less time faffing with the internet and more time being creative; to break the routine. So, I’ve removed the temptation to constantly post crap about funny videos, Hammer movies and what I’m cooking for dinner.

So, goodbye social media. I’m probably shooting myself in the foot regarding musical self-promotion. It’s not very modern, I know. But I’m going to concentrate on the stuff that really matters….the music. My main portals will be:, Soundcloud and

I’ll miss the Twitter and Facebook people, but I’ll be in touch via email and blogs anyway; so no change there particularly. I do feel quite liberated from the Socnet hegemony though. No more routine….


4 responses to “No More Twitter, No More Facebook

  1. I know how you feel, and I have to say that social media assumes a fluctuating importance for me: at the moment, I pay lip service to the notion of publicising my writing, but I don’t think about it very much. Generally I find I can take it or leave it… however, I would like to point out that my exposure to your music came about through a web of Twitter connections, and I’d be very much deprived if that hadn’t happened.

    • Cheers Oli. I really do see the point of Socnet presence. But, lately, I’ve really felt a need for ‘change’ (without wanting to sound Cameron-esque!). My belief is that my music will eventually get to people’s ears regardless. If anything, it will reach the ears of those who make an effort to ‘find’ or discover. However, I totally agree with your point that some listeners will never hear the music without the Twitter, etc connection. Maybe I’ve read/watched too much Charlie Brooker/”…machines of loving grace”, but I feel the need to break away! Perhaps to prove to myself that there are other ways than Socnet promotion (or not, perhaps!). Your connection is greatly appreciated though, as is that of many of my Twitter ‘follows’…. and that’s a factor which will be hard to replicate elsewhere, I think. However, I will continue to follow your blog and hopefully you’ll also keep following mine and thus lies the answer.

  2. Just went looking for you to see what you’ve been upto and low and behold and you werent there, Fair play to the Geez. I’m sure we’ll look back on this age of social media and think ‘what the hell was that all about’, just meaningless bullshit and self indulgent toss.
    Anyway please keep me updated with any future work of yours.


    • Hi Steve…. yeah, I decided to “switch off the machine” with Twitter, etc. I agree re your comment about social media, but that’s not to say I don’t appreciate it, or the people I’ve got to know on there (see following post namechecking all the important connections). I just feel that it’s run its course for me…..I was getting too involved in the process of checking timelines, worrying about the etiquette of following/unfollowing and actually finding something interesting to say!!! And not enough time actually being productive….it’s far easier to talk about something than actually do it! I will, of course, keep in touch with you as your music, support and comradeship are very much appreciated.

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