Merry Christmas and a Sneaky New Track…

A short post, this. I just want to wish readers, listeners and interweb friends a really good Christmas and a marvelous new year. Many thanks to everyone who has either supported, followed, listened-to, or taken-part-in, what I do. 2011 was a pretty good year, creative-wise. It’s hard to think that we’re on the cusp of 2012 already….makes me feel old. Shouldn’t we be driving hover-cars or something? Anyway, whatever your preference/persuasion, have a good holiday season.

In other news, there’s a cheeky little Diebenkorn track (just a single track) for free download. It’s a bit different from the other Diebenkorn stuff…a tad darker, a tad rougher and looser, improvised, a little bit ‘jazzy’ and…er, well…that’s it really. Anyway, download it if you like it.

See you in 2037….I mean, “2012”!


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