“Crash St” – New Album Release Date, etc

Well, all work on the new album is now complete. I’m thinking, “why wait?” So, instead of holding out for the spring/summer; I’m going to make the album available on 1st March 2012. This gives me time to send out promo links, etc and to get my head together. The album’s entitled “Crash St” and was partly inspired by a fairly brutal night-out in the city one Saturday night when I stayed relatively sober and was able to witness the festivities through (mainly) clear eyes. The following day I got to thinking about the night and oddly somehow ended-up recalling the summer riots in the UK, the X-Factor,  Adam Curtis documentaries, social networking and various other bits & pieces which made me think, “Oh Dear”.

This was only a starting point and the tracks were originally intended to form a short story about a night out which goes horrifically wrong. But then I thought, nah, that’s too pretentious. Though it’s never stopped me before (!), I figured you’d conjure your own images anyway. So, there’s no ‘concept’ as such. Just music.

I think I’m going back to my roots with this collection: it’s a bit more electronic than my last release, also a bit darker and dissonant in parts. But you can make your own mind up.

It’s available from 1st March 2012 at Dementio13.com and is a pay-what-you-want download with no minimum price.

Here’s a little preview:

One response to ““Crash St” – New Album Release Date, etc

  1. Breath has been duly bated. It’s always nice when you discover someone’s music shortly before they release a new album, rather than waiting around for years for a fix. Can’t wait to hear it!

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