Live Session For Mark Whitby on Dandelion Radio

Yet another blog post, folks. But a relatively quick one, just to nudge you in the direction of Mark Whitby’s February show on Dandelion Radio. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m doing a live mix for this show. It contains previews of the new album and some little in-betweenie nuggets. Mark’s been really supportive over the years (as have Dandelion Radio in general) and his show is a ‘must-hear’ collection of new and upcoming left-of-field artists from the worlds of established and independent music. It was fun to do.

In Mark’s words:

“Still without a copy of the new Gonjasufi album at the time of recording the show, I decided the only thing for it was to make the best damn Gonjasufi-less radio show possible. This effort was aided considerably by a session mix from Dementio13 and bolstered by new releases from the likes of Venetian Snares, Pindar’s Apes and Black Dice.”

Available to listen from February 1st.


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