An Aside

Well, I’ve been off Twitter for about a month or so and, despite the occasional urge to post something fairly random, I’m not really missing it. I am, however, cheating a little by dropping by the site occasionally to see what my favourite tweeters are saying. I do miss the references to my favourite TV, music, films, food and childhood artifacts. However, I’m reaffirming that it’s not compulsory to have a Twitter account if you’re a musician (it was beginning to seem that way!).

It’s a funny think, social networking. On the internet, that is. Seemingly needless, but addictive and I’ve made some great connections with musicians/artists/writers who I wouldn’t have happened upon otherwise. But enough was enough.

It does seem to be a spreading though…the desire to make the break from Twitter. For whatever reason, whether it’s the time consumed by using the site, or the overriding waves of spam, or the cynical use of constant self-promotion, or boredom; several of my followers/followees seem to have also either ceased, or cut-down on, their Twitter usage. Also, on my most recent visit there, I noticed that some people are still posting ‘Follow Friday’ tweets (#ff to you and me) about @dementio13. This would be flattering were it not for the fact that my Twitter account is deleted and has been for 4 or 5 weeks. Therefore I’ve not posted anything and these people haven’t noticed. Odd.

Anyway, I’ve resumed a very minimal presence on Facebook in order to keep my music page there (it’s an extension of this blog mainly, with a Bandcamp tab, etc). Now, I’m finding it more rewarding to read people’s blogs rather than their 140 character blurts.


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