The Last Post – New News

Well, it’s the last post of this weekend, anyway. It’s been a productive two days, but my posting (somewhat fervent this weekend, I’ll admit) will go on hold as the trials and tribulations of the workplace take hold during the week.

Anyway, as I sip my wine in a most civilized way, I just want to tell you about a little pre-new-release present I have uploaded today. As you may know, I tend to delete older releases. But I deleted one album that is a personal favourite of mine, a favourite for sentimental reasons and because it sounds quite different to nearly all of my other releases. I also know that some regular listeners of mine really quite liked the album from their comments.

“Sub Urbian” was recorded in the Autumn of 2006 in my old house during a time when my old eMac was returned to Apple to fix a dodgy CRT screen. So, the album was recorded on an ancient Pentium PC with a Soundblaster Awe64 soundcard with home-made soundfonts, a Yamaha SU10 and a Bontempi reed organ using Cubase 3.5 to sequence everything. A minimal and lo-fi set-up, to say the least.

I’ve put it on as a free download. It’s a straightforward album of sampladelic melodic instrumental stuff. Help yourself….go on, knock yerself out. Have a great week…..


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