Recommended – Churn Milk Joan, Severed Heads and Bratislava

Yep, I’m blogging again….I love to blog, yessiree.

Anyway, after a quick trawl of Bandcamp (something I don’t do enough of); I’ve found some music, old and new, to get excited about. Most of it is pay-what-you-want/free.

These aren’t reviews, let’s be clear about that. I’m just pointing you in their direction because I think the music’s marvelous.

Churn Milk Joan – One

Richard Knutson (a member of Plum Flower Embroidery) and Colin Robinson (Big Block 454) push all the right buttons with a finely-judged balance of eccentricity and accessibility on their new mini-album. Touches of Bowie, Talking Heads and prog with sprinkles of electro-funk. Pay-what-you-want, but worth paying for.

Big Block 454 – Bratislava

The aforementioned Colin Robinson’s other band. Highly prolific producers of oddness which melds Zappa, funk, jazz and prog-rock in an extremely attractive musical parcel. I really love their music and this album is worth downloading for the track ‘Anglezarke’ alone.

Severed Heads – City Slab Horror

The cover to this album gave me the shivers when I was 17. Utter brilliance from Australian avantist Tom Ellard’s long-standing music project. I was delighted to see that the Heads had joined the Bandcamp revolution, providing every release they’ve recorded since 1979. Severed Heads were hugely influential on electronica and dance music: pre-empting electro, trance and cut-up samplism by about 10 years. Expect weirdness and darkness and a sly sense of humour. Like Cabaret Voltaire without the relentless seriousness.


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