Still Bubbling Under…

No new ‘official’ releases at the moment, but plenty to keep me busy. I’ve been accustoming myself to some new kit, learning more little tricks on Ableton and knocking out a few experimental tunes.

I did a track a week or so ago, provisionally titled “Sully”, though I wasn’t sure where to go with it once I’d laid the foundations of the track. I decided to put it on Soundcloud to get some feedback/ideas and/or to let someone else play with it. Anyway, somebody did have a play with it; Diane Marie Kloba and Theodore Kloba (whose music is available here) wrote a song around the track, entitled “You Let Me In Your Room”. Here it is:

I really like the quirky post-punk vibe it’s got now.

I’ll probably keep posting some stuff on Soundcloud this week, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Incidentally, my recent album “Crash St” is here if you’ve not yet heard it. It’s a fair example of what I do. If you have bought or downloaded it, please keep tweeting/sharing. It means I get to reach a wider audience. Some of you have already played your part…thanks for that.


2 responses to “Still Bubbling Under…

  1. Some splendid new sounds here, glad to hear you’re not resting on the (considerable) laurels of Crash St. Also, very excited to hear a collab with the Klobas: Diane’s albums have been one of the best things in my musical world the last year or two.

    • Thanks Oli… truth, the collab isn’t really a collab as such. I just posted a semi-completed track to Soundcloud inviting people to do something with it. They responded and did a damn fine job of it.

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