Loops and Stuff

Besides some experiments with Ableton and some demo tracks; and with no new releases planned as such; I’ve been busy recording and uploading some loops to Soundcloud. Some of them have been sitting on my hard-drive for ages and rarely get used when I record. Some are new loops which I’ve recorded in order to learn Ableton. So I thought I’d share them.

So, anyway, to cut a long story short, I’m putting them ‘out there’ for anyone to download and use as they see fit. The loops are all copyright-free and have an open Creative Commons license. If people want to use them for CC or commercial releases, that’s fine; I don’t want credit and am happy for the loops to be in the public domain.

They cover a few genres I guess, though they’re mainly electronic, having been produced on an Alesis Fusion and Korg Monotrons. A few of the drumloops were made using Propellerhead Rebirth mods on my old Mac. Anyway, I’ll shut the hell up now.

The loops are at http://soundcloud.com/dementio-loops

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