‘El Lissitzky’ – Work In Progress

Well, I’ve managed to get some music recorded, as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts. But, importantly, I’ve also managed to focus and distill my ideas to include an album title, a cover design and a rough concept. These things are important to me because I find it much easier to make music if I have a “narrative”, even if it’s a bit tenuous. And so “El Lissitzky” has come into being.

For those of you not aware, El Lissitzky was a Russian Constructivist artist, architect and graphic designer in the 1920s I think…(runs to check Wikipedia!). Incidentally, his work was used on the cover of an album by The Wake which I owned way back when (“Here Comes Everybody”). The title alludes to that Wake album and the general interest I had in Constructivism, Dada and The Bauhaus when I was in my musically formative years. Thus the music contains some elements of the music I was listening to at the time. But far from being a nostalgia trip, I’m attempting to present the music as something fairly modern. Also, as we seem to be going through a rather torrid time, socially/politically in the UK at present, it echoes back to ’84-’85, when we had very similar circumstances…..nothing much has changed.

Sorry, I’m bullshitting again. But there you are.

The music, so far, seems to be more ‘song’ orientated than previously, also with a touch of alt-pop about them. This wasn’t really intentional, it just seemed to happen. Though I’d been thinking about including some vocal content of some description, even if it was just some aimless wailing. There’s a mix of styles as well, which does seem to concern some people who listen to my music, but it’s what I do and I don’t really see it as a problem.

Anyway, it all could change between now and the release (possibly late June, maybe later).


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