Everything…Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

After my little outburst yesterday (this has arguably been my busiest weekend of blogging for a while), it seems all was needed was some perspective and a bit of tweaking with structures and compression. So, I’m now back on track with the album. So much so, in fact, that I’m gonna send out some preview copies to a few individuals.

11 tracks which have taken shape during the last two months, maybe a little more. Some recycling, some dubstepping, some wall-of-sound electro-noise, some summer funk, some…(dare I say it?)…ambience and some singing (of sorts). It seems to hang together fairly well considering it’s a bit of a mixed-bag. But that’s the point, isn’t it?! Difference, not sameness…

For this album I’ve almost entirely changed my working methods; still using Ableton, but using it almost exclusively to record, instead of as a ‘post-production’ tool. There’s also some Animoog, Monotron, iMS20 and acoustic stuff on there too. So, it’s many things to me: an experiment; an expression; a story of my musical development. It’ll be released on Monday 18th June through the usual channel (Dementio13.com) for nothing/pay-what-you-want. Look forward to sharing it with you.

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