Run For Cover……

A couple of years back I recorded a series of themes and incidental music for the web serial “Doomwatch” which is based on the classic BBC sci-fi series of the same name. The incidental music was basically a collection of short passages, influenced by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, consisting of noise or repetitions of the main theme’s motif. As for the theme itself, I wanted to try to echo the dramatic, slightly melancholy music of composers such as Roy Budd and Ron Grainer. So I put together a series of similar themes of varying lengths with different instrumentation for each. Here’s my original main theme:

Anyway, a relatively new musical aquaintance, Ian Thistlethwaite, has produced a rather cool cover version of the track. Not only is it in keeping with the original mood, but it’s been revoiced for guitar and sounds bloody great! It’s great to have your music covered by someone who understands what it’s about…here it is:


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