The 18th x2

Well, I’m back at work. And what a rewarding, but extremely tiring day it’s been. Hanging an exhibition and chasing-up various outstanding issues today has taken it’s toll. So, you’ll be glad to know, I’m knackered and I’m keeping this short!

One last major reminder (though there’s bound to be a few tweets and Facebook posts….sorry) about the new album launch. It’s the 18th June. But you knew that already if you’ve read this blog before. It’s at You knew that too didn’t you?

In other news, and of significant interest; Pulco‘s new album is out on the same day. He makes cracking music and sings songs: some sad/happy and some funny (“peculiar” and “ha-ha”). Good stuff and thoroughly recommended.

Oh, and apparently, this is my 171st post.




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