Time & Technique

I’m back at it, then. The day-job’s still a bit manic at the moment, but I’m managing to wedge in some serious music-making and ‘production’ as well. Still, I’ll soon have a full six weeks away from work when I can rejoin the human race!

So, hot on the heels of the ‘El Lissitzky’ release is a much welcome return to the world of Cwtch. Just when I was starting to get those post-album “what next?” pangs; Marie floats some lovely vocals over to me with the remit of ‘doing something with them’. And so I have.

Only it wasn’t quite as straight-forward as that. Which is no bad thing. Marie and I have always worked in quite a disconnected way: she sends me vocal lines, I play around with them, usually working very quickly, then send the (almost) complete track back to her for final opinions/late ideas. It’s normally done and dusted quickly and efficiently (that makes it sound like a cold, calculated process….it’s actually anything but that!). Also, when you receive a gift of vocals of such quality, beauty and personal investment; there’s a pressure to do them justice.

Anyway, as I’m tending to be much more reflective and evaluative when I’m recording nowadays, the process with Marie has slowed down a bit. We’ve been to-ing and fro-ing with emails and files all week. I’ve been tweaking and refining, while Marie’s been re-recording passages and revising the order of things.

This is the nature of working with someone 10,000 miles away. Incredible to think it, really. Ten…. thousand….. miles. Were we in the same room, recording; we would no doubt discuss and revise on the spot. But that’s impossible in the case of Cwtch.

Aaaanyway, enough of me eulogizing in wonderment at advances in network technology, what about the track? Well, it’ll probably be the first of several tracks, which may make up an EP. Which may or may not be released before the end of summer. That is for certain…or maybe it’s not. Glad we’ve got that cleared up, then.

I’ll post a preview on Soundcloud as soon as we’ve finalised it. In the meantime, here’s our most recent release (a year ago).


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