New Stuff…..Mostly Other People’s Great Music

Over the years, probably since joining 6 or 7 years ago, I’ve really enjoyed discovering new music by musicians and bands who, mostly, are in the same situation as myself. Yet they keep on, keeping on; producing great music, which besides being highly listenable/enlightening/entertaining, is also amazingly ‘professional’-sounding (for want of a better word). All this considering many of these artists are either: working 9-5 and beyond in regular jobs; have families; are restricted by budget and/or time; or are relatively young and ‘finding their feet’. Or all of these factors. ‘DIY’ used to mean ‘a bit ragged’ or unprofessional. Now it means ‘being resourceful’ and being proud of your music.

So, in celebration of this odd little thing we call ‘DIY’, here are a selection of some of my favourite artists in the form of a mixtape, or cloudcast, or whatever you want to call it. Unfortunately, Mixcloud doesn’t ‘do’ embeddable players for WordPress (tsk), so you’ll have to make do with this link….here. It’s called “Curl Up & DIY”.

Geddit?! Haha! Yes, I know, I’m priceless, aren’t I?

In other news, I’ve opened a ‘Streetstore’ selling Dementio13 T-shirts. You could have a look here.



One response to “New Stuff…..Mostly Other People’s Great Music

  1. Last.FM, Soundcloud and Bandcamp and Myspace before them, all great places to find the artists worth listening to today. DIY for me at least, means I’ll usually hear something interesting, unlike so much of the slickly produced major label stuff which really ceased to be relevant 30 years ago.

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